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Our Daily Genesis
Every day the world begins,
Turns on me with eyes agleam;
Headlights on a country lane,
Dimmer than they seem.
Every day the world begins,
Sings its songs when no-one's in;
Shines like fire and smells like rain,
Says it's sink or swim.
Every day the world begins,
Turns to me with eyes agleam;
Talks of towns that have no name,
Never having been.
Every day the world begins,
Sighs and asks for whom I ring;
Mind is looking for a name,
Mouth says not a thing.
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Night Train
Train wails through the night
watched by plaintive faces of ochre
graffiti eyes on impossible crags
On it rushes through catacombs
Night is just a tunnel we pass through
the green lush hills can never be dark
I can't imagine a lost soul on them at this time
such a lost soul as we might pick up
from some lonely station
like a moth drawn to an oasis of light
one strange man sits next to me
waits for the light at the end of the tunnel
pines bow beside the tracks before their ranks
break and scatter into the hills
still the train sends its searchlight into the night
collecting those lost souls
like the one who I sit beside, who
looks at me all the while, and I
look at him all the while
:iconfaulky:Faulky 0 0
Autumn Sacrament
Time arrives awearied eyes
& jonquil blooms afade
As she sits side her loom and sighs
soft prayers throut the day
Fallen leaves of family trees
like spirits float in the parlour
In dancing, blow on their own breeze
In rustling, make their own laughter
:iconfaulky:Faulky 2 2
pearls o wisdom
c'mere y'little urchin
lemme tell you somethin i was told when i were knee-high to a christmas beetle in july - if there were such a bug
every word o wisdom spoke serves no point but to betoke some ol hope that's now as broke as my ol gramma's urn
an if i should sit an harken (thinks I) to the pearls o some ol harpin bore who could not even sharpen pencils 'gainst his wit
i can see how i'd become a sodden, tatty, tragic bum with half a suit and all a thumb twixt me an a worm!
:iconfaulky:Faulky 1 0
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Edwardian Mirrors
(under review)
:iconfaulky:Faulky 1 0
self by Faulky self :iconfaulky:Faulky 0 0
Oh I am lost in a hollow of snow
darkling mid-afternoon
And if I should not find my way out I do
hope the wind carries this to you
All of the times I've gone to bed
without saying a word, laid head to head
With you, Joy, and for all the things left unsaid
I don't know what to say for them
Joy! please understand that
Joy! please understand that
Joy, please understand that
All time is not long enough for me
Christmas on the peer, Christmas at sea
Harbours burn bright in revelry
Christmas on the peer, Christmas at sea
Your heart is a harbour to me
Joy! please understand that
Joy! please understand that
Joy! please understand that
All time is not long enough
:iconfaulky:Faulky 0 0
Ocean Summer House
Sky has a haze of empty old scotches
I have nothing to say                             I wait
Brains feed on themselves, as in blurs of frenzy
Sharks may devour their own tails
The silver is good, but the sky is dull
It wants polishing . . . ( You there – get a ladder )
I am fine
How are you. thanks  ?    How are the    kiddliwinks  ?  ,, how  i  s   t he   m rs    did you miss us?
You look a bit stooped yes       i understand
I too carry my desires like pails on a yoke, you see       not a drop spilt .   but forget all that .
Let's take you in and sit you down
For years i have
:iconfaulky:Faulky 0 4

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Salt on Everything
Tonight the fog settles around our ears
and about the air, muffling the lamps
floating above their ghostly legs.
We ask you to look across the lake
from your lookout on the top of nowhere;
to see there's salt on everything:
someone is going to bed
but not before shoveling every grain out of their grave
beside the future mine site,
and still more are clocking in
to shovel the salt into our mouths.
The water is still pliable--
it will give if you set upon it
with your black ark;
floating above the eyes full of wishing wells.
This night we'll allow you
to walk on our streets and remember the weight of everything
leaving your tracks on our kitchen tables;
touching our plates, and moving our chairs
to reclaim your place in our council,
reminding yourself
that the silence is the only thing that still haunts you.
Our factories still spew gas from their mouths
while the workers crush salt on assembly lines
making enough to keep their families awake
and still shoving a few grains into their poc
:iconblue-bard:Blue-Bard 2 5
Now is capable
of seeing this:
pens on paper
Minds churning
spinning on their
individual axis
Now has a tail
as long as autumn
the body of spring
receding into today's
hot breath
Now, chewing
on circular rhythms
and processing
through the archaic
bowels of history
Now this is it:
a beast we barely
know how to spell
lumbering off
dragging its leash
and owner
through the mud.
:iconblue-bard:Blue-Bard 1 8
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You are brave, lion.
There is a valley
Of the mists
And time will tell its tale
Of how the winding spiralled light
Shone brightest from its grave.
And how sweet clouds unravelled its skies
And forced the blue to pale
In contrast with the reds and greens
Of silken forests hailed.
And lonely skies and effloresce
Will hold within, a tear.
For how grass and meadows did roll
Their pleasures, and their fears.
The copper giants lumbered on
To quiet, slow demise.
And through the bone-dry fields they wept
A single, pastille tear.
The tear that dropped among the Gods
And forced an eye to blink
For brightest blue this tear, it was
And stolen from the skies.
For horizons lost and suns long dead
Had flown within the mist
And in the gap between great hills
The valley, it did gape.
Is this the end of helpless souls
Who wonder in the dew?
Or maybe does time stop, at last
To let the sobs unwind.
For rattling across that mountain cliff
A spectre does emerge
And wandering through the mists it moans
A tale of mournful gloom.
:icondreamyimmersion:Dreamyimmersion 3 6
vietnamese buddhist temple cat by Celia-May vietnamese buddhist temple cat :iconcelia-may:Celia-May 1 6 Santa by becesque Santa :iconbecesque:becesque 1 5



Current Residence: Podunk
Operating System: Windows '87
Shell of choice: jewel-encrusted tortoise
Wallpaper of choice: french hotel
Skin of choice: bare
Personal Quote: Only dull people are brilliant at breakfast
Recently (today) finished, after MANY stops and starts, the draft of my second attempt at a novel manuscript. I've opened a blog, my first true blog in a long time. you can find it here

There I'll be keeping updates on the work's progress, as well as a whole mix of other things: journals, observations, reviews, impressions, whatever else comes to mind. I'll largely be dividing my online time between that and twitter ( ). The facebook page I opened in April has unfortunately been closed due to a lack of interest, not least of all on the part of the creator.

No new poetry lately I'm afraid, though travelling overseas next month so I should muster some ideas up. Hoping, as always, to get back to this. Not sure when I will.

Lastly, hope you all had a good Christmas, and of course for tomorrow, to all a happy new year :)

best wishes
  • Reading: The Counterfeiters - Gide


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Firstly, I greatly appreciate your kind words regarding my work. It's evident that you understand the purpose of poetry, especially through your own work. You're not a fraudulent abuser of the written word, nor a literary blowhard obsessed with concrete form and correctness, thus I value your input greatly.

In terms of your poetry, what I appreciate most is the imagery, whereas a great deal of poetry obsesses over the verbatim expression of certain emotions. I prefer narrative works of poetry over anything else.
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